First Post of a new blog! I’m Excittteeedddddddddd

Hello Hello!

This is Michael Masurkevitch here, online-presence name “Mike E. Mike” (because lets be honest, I jumped on that ol “change your facebook name” bandwagon.  Sure, I know the government can still find me – facebook will tell them anything they want to know about me (atleast Someone finds me interesting lol) but I got tired of telling people my polish last name, and the response being either a blank stare or “bless you.”  So I went with Mike E. Mike, because it sounded clever to me at the time, and I couldn’t think of anything I love more than my last name – except my first name. No regrets.
So when I decided to start doing this, and asked myself “whats a good first post or question to ask myself” it occurred to me to ask myself, “”why am I doing this.”  Makes sense, right, to make your first blog post about why you are now a blogger. So I thought about it long and hard…

I blame it on the narcissism.
And that can be answered by a bit of a story … Well, why not. So if you are into hearing the backstory of who I am (an interesting thing to know about Anyone, I think) then prepare, dear reader, to get to know me.   I will follow this post up shortly with another post on Who I Am

but while we are here, here is a trailer to a youtube video of mine I am fond of, “Mike’s Drunk Kitchen” (yes that is a parody of Hannah Hart’s channel, God Bless that girl.)  Not saying you have to watch this or anything, but lets be honest, if I can’t post a link to my own work in my own blog, than its back to writing  it in permanent marker on bathroom stalls at rural Tim Hortons restaurants.  (Actually come to think of it, that may be a good way to reach a rural viewership … I will consider this further.) But anyway,  here’s the link,