We Want Your Input:

  1. What are some things you think are or will be important to our generation?

  2. What are some jokes about us, or stereotypes, that either offended you or made you laugh with chagrin?

To send us your ideas, or be involved in any way, please email or contact us via facebook at our page,

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We are working on a little film project called “We Are Millenials” (more details below) as a humourous video making fun of ourselves as well as a rallying call to our generation to embrace what we are and create the future we want.

The project will be about funny stereotypes of ourselves, but also a rallying-call to our generation about embracing our control of the future, calling for proportional representation, making our voices known on important issues – that kind of stuff. And this is why we want your input on what you think we could/should include, both on important issues – and funny stereotypes.


Millenials – The Generation!

What does it mean? We have more technology than anyone had ever dreamed of when we were kids – aside from possibly Starwars (I have been dissapointed in the lack of light sabers and flying vehicles, but I am sure they are on their way soon.)

We are more informed on negative things in this world than Any Other Generation: we have also invented and embraced Slacktivism, because it’s just there, and just Soooo easy.

We are more connected to each other than any generation before us – and yet some of us are lonelier and less social then ever.

We are more educated than any generation before us – and yet also more unemployed.

We are told we are important no matter what  – but also Go get a Job, when I was your age I had a Career, not a series of ‘fun work experiences.’

We have invented Hipsters and embraced Man-Buns, we spend hours on youtube, we listen to podcasts instead of radio (unless we are in our cars and don’t have a good data plan) and a lot of us spend time – sometimes once a year – trying to “Find Ourselves.”
(I spent some time on it last year, but only found bits of myself, so I’ve spent some time on finding myself this year too. Don’t think I’m there yet, although I’m beginning to put the bits together.)

The term has had a lot of negative messages about what we are about – such as the ones in this entertaining video here:

I have also seen some backlash from our own demographic calling the previous generation out on being possibly a bit hypocritical (as generations sometimes are) like this video:

We feel there is an opportunity for a little video project that is not only usmaking fun of our stereotypes, but also owning our generation – and a call to action to Millenials everywhere to continue the trend of the last Canadian Federal election and become involved in our own destinies.

And we need your help! Send us your ideas on Millennial Stereotypes and what they are and why they are funny! The video will be 2 to 5 minutes, so we won’t be able to use all of them – but send us your ideas, and let’s have a hoot together!

To send us your ideas, or be involved in any way, please email or contact us via facebook at our page,


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