49 people who should be laughing, loving, or hating their commute to work as we speak – now dead. Whenever this happens – like when that redhead shot up a theatre playing Batman – the mind boggles at what humans are capable of.  And then I find myself wondering – about why it happened, about what it would be like … and the imagination can’t even do it. There is a feeling of guilt, that we all live – and continue to care about little shit, first world problems and whether our coffee is hot enough, that life carries on for us – when for them it does not.

Apparently the shooting was initially hard to recognize – the lights were low, the beats pumping, it could have been a rogue dj adding some hard percussion… then the screaming started.  I imagine the nightclub atmosphere was to the killer’s advantage – hard to see what’s going on or escape in that kind of area…  Apparently a woman in the bathroom covers herself with freshly dead corpses to play possum and not join them. That woman is a survivor – great idea, – but my mind boggles at the idea of having to pull a dead friend, still warm but lifeless, over your body or be killed.  To be mown down in a place of happiness.

How, Mateen, and why?

Apparently he may have been bi-polar, and was an abusive ex-husband.  Well atleast we can go in knowing that even before he killed people he was a terrible dude. Apparently he wanted this to be part of ISIS – what a sad idea, an angry little boy crying out for attention to his favourite organisation by murdering innocents in their name.

To be honest, when I heard that it was a gay club that was attacked, I figured it was an all-American Florida redneck with a shotgun, perhaps wrapped in a star spangled flag. I suppose this makes me racist against southern rural Americans – I must apologize for this. But Mateen was not an ISIS fighter. He was just an unstable, homophobic, spouse-abusing d-bag who saw big-boy terrorists around him and found himself a gun.


Just saw this on facebook – wow, the times they are changing fast, information takes minutes instead of weeks.

Apparently Mr. Omar Mateen – wait for it ….  May have been Gay. He, Mateen, may have been homosexual.  THE MAN WHO MURDERED 49 PEOPLE AT A GAY BAR AND TRIED TO IMPRESS ISIS WITH THE EVIL DEPTH OF HIS HOMOPHOBIA – MAY HAVE BEEN A HOMOSEXUAL.


This is like the fact – that still blows my mind a bit – that Adolph Hitler, Pinnacle of Anti-Semitism and Father of the Modern Genocide, may have had Jewish parentage.

If this is true – then the media needs to jump on this. Because saying he was ISIS inspired will only inspire more douchebags like Donald Trump to spread hatred and fear.  (Despite the epic response of solidarity of Muslims holding vigil for the victims of Orlando’16, like the ones featured in this article here:

But if he was actually shooting people because he was struggling with the self-hatred inflicted on him by society for his own gayness…. then that’s a clear message that it is Homophobia – and any kind of hatred – is what causes violence, not just ISIS.  And that is a message for people to wake up and #DumpTheTrump, stop hating Period, and start making the world a better place.
Ok that’s the update, back to the original post.

The analysts and sociologists will look at what, systemically, allowed this to happen.  Should gun control have more background-checks? (Is the Pope Catholic?  lol – no, Im sure its more complicated then that. But seriously though.)  Alternately, I think this points to – if anything – more help needed for the mentally ill. Mateen clearly had some serious issues going, manifesting themselves in some serious evil – maybe every adult needs a yearly visit to a therapist, and the ones that post violent messaging supporting ISIS or abuse their spouses need even more attention.

To the families and friends of the victims… There are no words that I can offer – I cannot imagine the depth of your sorrow. If my child was cut down in his prime, I do not know what I would do.  May those around you take care of your needs whilst you weep.

To the gay community, and all those – even heterosexuals – attending vigils and posting support: the solidarity you are showing replaces a tiny piece of our faith in humanity that Mateen’s act of pure evil has obliterated.  Sometimes a crisis becomes a turning point in history. There is nothing that can make the loss of these 49, and the others injured, that will atone for this – but may this crisis pull together the world and become the last act of ‘homophobia’ (or “assholism” as Morgan Freeman aptly re-names it) that the world sees.

Here are a link to their names:


May the 49 go down as martyrs for a better world, and may they live on in our hearts.




also here is a link to the feature image

N.H. officers react to Orlando tragedy

As with all terrorism, the response of the world must be love – love of those around us, LGBTQ or other, family and friends of the victims, and the people in our lives – because life is So brief, so make every moment with those people count.