Warning: Contains 3 Videos, “Intro,” “Background” and “Housekeeping.”  Basically this blog post contains the “set-up” phase of the vlog series I am working on, which I have in my excitement decided to also throw into #Unpacked !

Journey of a Millennial: the Youtube series in which I try to find myself and vlog about ideas that I have and my gradual progress on pursuing them.  I’ve decided to marry this with my existing blog, the ol’ #Unpacked, because – well why not!  Actually, the blog allows me to tease out a little more of the details – and do some more research (actual research?? Hooray!!!!!!) on the ideas along with the initial, idea-based vlog post.

Here’s a description of the rational behind Journey of a Millennial:

To ‘sum up,’ basically I have a lot of ideas of projects to create and avenues to pursue – but what I am less good at is the follow-through and implementation, and the choosing-of-just-one-idea. (Or two … can I have three maybe?  Oh – there we go again.)  So to help myself organize my ideas and actually do research into which of these are feasible, I have decided to make da vlog: because I do so love to share my thoughts and feelings with the internet, so hopefully this will be a good motivating tool.

I also decided to publish a quick vid re: the “Status Quo,” or “where I am at now”
(aka “Journey of a Millennial – The Current State of Mikey”

Summary: the last year or so, I went part time at the office job to ‘find myself,’ and mainly try acting as a life choice.  I don’t have a lot of time, for reasons described, but I am putting the spare time I have towards acting, blogging, and now – figuring out the other ideas I want to work on.

Finally, upon the realization that this ‘vlog’ was going to be a Thing in my life, I decided to lay down some thoughts – both for the Internet in general, and also to keep myself on the ol’ straight and narrow.  Details can be found in the video I call “Housekeeping” :

Posting Schedule: 1/week Thursdays
Where: my youtube channel (obvi), and … this blog !which ofcourse will auto-share to FB/Twitter too
Feedback: Yes Please! Positive or Negative – Always! here in the comments, or via facebook, or email to michael.masurkevitch@gmail.com
Want to run with one of these ideas? Boom – talk to me.
Want to have an idea of your own teased out and vlogged about? Boom – talk to me.

Lets explore the potential of humanity to change our own world. Like Beavers.

SO that’s that! Once a week, on Roughly Thursday’s (good ol’ Thunderboots) I will be posting a ‘vlog-blog’ on an idea I have, and any research I have done on it. I welcome you to get excited with me.

Keep exploring!