So lets start with: The idea vlog post!

The Survey (mentioned in the video, as it was filmed in early July) Results are in!

Another Huge Thank You to everyone who was involved!!

Later on I may make some infographics about the results, because infographics are cool! But for now, I’m just going to summarize the basics on our findings.

  1. Most of the people who decided to do the survey were millennials.  This is most likely due to the fact that I marketed the survey on facebook, and most of my friends are in the same age group as I am.
  2. A good proportion want to be working More on personal projects.  Yay! There were a few respondents who answered that actually they really didn’t want to be working on anything anyways, and a few more that answered they were already doing it – but the majority wants more.
  3. The main limiting factor for most people is Time.  But there was a recognition among respondents that it wasn’t just Having time that was the problem – it was Making time. Because of this:
  4. The most helpful kind of support site overall would be a motivating tool.  Most respondents responded favourably to the idea of a site, but the most popular form of site was on that keeps people motivated, and encourages them to make time. (The second most popular was Resources and portals.  The third was a site that connects ideas with people – which was my original idea, so we will see where that goes… lol)
  5. How?  Overall respondents want to meet others who are working in person, or post about what they are working on.  They want to build community around working on stuff, or get automatic reminders, or have something to help them fit it into their schedule.
    (By the way, local KW Folks: wanna place to hang out with Millennials working on projects?  Check out the Cool Cats at Apartment Cafe!

SO thems the breaks so far! This supports the idea of having more of a community-oriented site, like a facebook for people working on projects.  It also opens some possible cool app ideas, like things that keep “Personal Project Time” in your schedule and send you reminders or something. (Although surely something like that exists by now…)

My feelings are mixed: the original idea was to connect ideas with ideas, and people who wanted to learn from experience with people who have things they need that could provide that experience and learning.  I will have to find a way to balance this with what the respondents have shown us.

A last big thank you to participants! Next step: figuring out the MVP (minimum viable product) and getting it out there to see what people think!

Until next time, Happy trails folks!