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Make Choices to build your alternate reality, and then embrace that reality as your own.

Update September 2017:
New Demo Reel!

Update August 2017:
A La Bonne Franquette!


Super excited to announce that the French-Cooking Show that I hosted is now available on Bell Fibe TV-On-Demand!  It was an absolute blast to be a part of!

Update May 2017:

Had an Absolute Blast working with the Back Roads Productions Team on the music video for Andy Shauf’s “Early to the Party”

April 2017:

Mike Schreiner, Provincial Green Party Leader, and Ontario Craft Beer – #Unpacked

In Which Yours Truly hosts the leader of the provincial Green Party in a humorous, relatively casual interview on local craft beer.

Update March: Meaningful Monologues

Sometimes casting directors get you to do a self tape of some lines, and you put in so much effort into channelling real emotions, that afterwards you’re like “Well, I guess I may as well put them on my web page.  The results are below.

Magnolia “Catharthis” (Tom Cruise’s lines) scene

The Shining “Gimme the Bat” (Jack Nicholson’s lines) Scene

Update Jan 2017: (Newly Posted)

My E-Lane !

From the Brilliant Minds of Mitchell-Reilly Pictures at MRP TV comes this lovely commercial for a trendy new app, co-starring yours truly as The Indecisive Boob (aka Dale)

 Straight-Up Acting

 Dave and Greg

A Web Series of the Genre ” Stoner Comedy” in which I co-star as Greg, who wants to be a film maker but works as a coffee boy at a local production company. The show follows Greg and his best friend Dave, a stoner who lives La Vie Bohème, as they try to get a handle on life and their changing friendship with each other.  So far 8 out of 10 episodes have been released by Men With Kilts films , below is the Pilot:

 Oliver’s Guide to Security

An Open-Text Commercial, in which I break into something

Dracula: Chapter 3, Wherein I meet My Host

From the wild and mysterious brain of Danute Dorion of SteamWorld Entertainment, the cameras of Brian Dorion and Tim Biemann, and starring the brilliant John Cormier as well as a humble yours truly. This was a submission for the KW 1-hour Film Fest.

 NSFW: ChairHumper Productions

You know that classic Rom-Com scene where the male protagonist starts with a huge bubble of expositionary dialogue to bring the viewer up to speed, then races past obstacles to stop their true love from getting on that airplane?
Well that’s what this ChairHumper parody is about. Only we couldn’t afford an airplane.

Next, director Brian Lockyer investigates the small and mundane day-to-day interactions  that we try so hard to keep superfluous, and what happens when we can’t – in:

(for my page, they have plenty more with me in it on their  Funny or Die page )

Join Chair Humper Productions for a ridiculous look at the dangers of online dating. You never know who you might wind up with…

The Chainsaw Veggie Burger

In which I am a very sad, sad vegetarian, saved by the wonderful staff of a local bar The Chainsaw with something new – a Veggie Burger

The (Now Dated, Original-Version) Demo Reel

Because that’s a thing that actors do, apparently.

Walk the Walk

Created by friend and collaborator Matthew Mousseau (who is also the Cinematographer for “The Game” and the soon to be project “We Are Millennials” a short about the angst that we have about wanting to do something about the world we live in.

Dorito Spec Commercial

In the last 10 seconds of which I play the snootiest of waiters

 Written and Produced by (Yours Truly)

– Coming Soon: #OfficeLife

We are working on a series of satirically comedic shorts about life in an office – for season One specifically, in a call centre!  Rough cuts of Ep.’s 1 to 4 available on request, stay posted on our Facebook Page: #OfficeLifeOnFacebook

Chainsaw Promotional Video

So – not being ones to waste – Matt Mousseau and I used the first half of that, filmed the second half and made: This! Winner of the Chainsaw 2016’s video-contest 😉

We Are Millennials (Electoral Reform)

Youtube Channel: #Unpacked

A channel consisting mainly of Interviews with people on subjects like Polish Heritage and  Pokemon Go, with local business owner (So far just one, more in the editing room), experiences (like Axe Throwing, and – coming soon – a trip to Portugal) and in general on my thoughts on life, love, coffee and acting.


Also contains the series “Journey of a Millennial,” consisting of mini monologues about ideas I have played with; and a real monoluge, Mercutio’s “Queen Mab” speech.

(Also contains) The Following Series:

Wheel Chair Fu

A comedy Workout Video series in its early stages, geared towards fitness for people who spend time in chairs. Especially, but not limited to, ones with wheels.

And This mini-series, a crowd favourite: Mike’s Drunk Kitchen

 The Game

Our Submission for the local Kitchener Waterloo “1 Hour Film Challenge” where you have one hour to shoot all the footage for a five minute film. This means that things like “the sound outside” and stuff aren’t as polished as we’d like – but it was a Blast to make 😛

 ***********Need a Script??

So since working on #OfficeLife and a few of the projects below, I have realised I really love writing. I am working on several ideas, some in the early-script stage, others much more developed. Message me if you are looking for/interested in helping work on a script and curious about one of the ideas I am currently chipping away at:
– a short thriller that follows obsession into madness
– a humorous paranormal parody series that follows a non-conventional investigator
– a feature dystopian sci-fi about the breakdown of the world around us
(with iterations that range from a sitcom-feel to a matrix-esque action thriller)
– an odd-couple esque action-comedy series about two powerful young characters
– a ground-breaking (I think) short about a poignant, violent issue in the media today
– an action-packed drama series set in Victorian England following a variety of supernatural characters, and one in particular

Older Work

Theodore (student film)

The story of three roomates – one of which, Theodore, is a ghost with No concept of modern technology

 Recall (student film)

In which I play the boyfriend of a young lady whose memory begins cutting out

Professional Improv

Mysterious Players

Improv Dinner Theatre!
The hilarious Mysterious Players show up at the Aberfoyle Mill in Guelph, ON – and anywhere else that books them for an event – to entertain during dinner with a hilariously interactive murder mystery.  It’s a slice, and these guys are a blast to work with!




It’s dated now, but this past election we were a small part of an international movement to get people in our age demographic (“Millenials”) out to the polls, any way we can. We may take up the mantel again with the next election – if you ever feel like it, check out    Vote-Party.com

COMING SOON: Urban Bees!

After so much humming and hawing and gnashing of teeth, I have finally decided on the business I would like to make into a business: a Beesiness… to promote urban beekeeping and apiaries in the town of KW.  May be a possible Mead-off Spin off too 😉 will keep you posted, internet!

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